“It’s time to share the full line-up for Warface presents Live For This, including my personal reason for inviting each one of them.” – Warface


A well-respected colleague and a true friend. He always delivers high quality tracks and is fast like no other.” – Warface


“A big inspiration and a true friend! With Ed, it was spot-on from day one in the studio, but also on a personal level. There’s no doubt that he would be included on the line-up.” – Warface

N-Vitral presents Bombsquad LIVE

“Behind the hardest kicks in the scene there’s an honest, nice and humble guy. N-vitral and I immediately had a click. Glad to have BOMBSQUAD on the 1st of December!” – Warface


A true pioneer of today’s sound and my baddest MF. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and to others Ryan!” – Warface

Deadly Guns

“Michael is a true musician! What he has achieved in one year is something I’ve almost never seen an artist do before. So proud of you bro!” – Warface


“The guy who brought the ‘feel good’ melodies back into hardcore. All styles combined in one specific style: his own. So glad he will join me at the 1st of December!” – Warface

Sub Sonik

“Ilmar is one of the most promising artists for the future of hardstyle. I was immediately impressed by his style and sound!” – Warface

Mark with a K

“Together we are responsible for two of the biggest hits of 2017 and 2018, ‘Fear of the Dark’ and ‘Radioactive’, so he had to be on the line-up!” – Warface


“It’s always fun when we hit the studio together! We share the same opinion on everything. It’s great to have these Scottish lads at my event!” – Warface

Aggressive Act Live

“I’ve so much respect for their style and music. Kicking against the standards, that’s what I really like. This will be a rough one!” – Warface


“One of the biggest legends in the hardstyle scene and from whom I’m still learning so much from. Thank you for supporting me since day one! ” – Warface

Killshot Live

“A born entertainer with such charisma! We go way back and I’m so proud with what he has achieved in such a short space of time. Love you bro!” – Warface


“Searching for new talent for End of Line Recordings, I immediately noticed Koen. I’m so happy he’s on my label and part of my event.” – Warface


“The only one who knows exactly what I want during my sets. I wouldn’t want anyone else next to me on the 1st of December than Nolz.” – Warface